5 fired-up cafe franchises

By Nick Hall | 28 Oct 2019 View comments

Love coffee? You aren’t alone! Australia is one of the largest countries for coffee consumption worldwide, and it’s the nation’s cafe franchises that are leading the way.

According to a report from market research firm Statista, the annual domestic coffee consumption in Australia reached almost 1.9 million 60-kilogram bags, grossing more than $2bn in revenue in 2017.

Coffee and cafe franchises are almost like second homes for Aussies. You’d be hard-pressed to find a coffee fanatic that didn’t have a favourite blend or storefront committed to memory.

It’s one of the reasons Australia has built such a healthy coffee culture. With competition on every street corner, operators are forced to leverage a quality product that provides value for money, something cafe franchises have been able to achieve.

Here, we take a look at five cafe franchises with a twist. Which one perks your interest?

1. Lava Coffee

Launched in 2008, Lava Coffee is a café chain that offers an affordable entry cost, alongside funding options.

The key to the chain’s success is the innovative systemised café in a box concept. By fitting out an industrial shipping container with the latest technological advancements, the chain can take its brand of specialty coffee anywhere in Australia.

The concept makes it easier for interested franchisees to gain access to funding or buy the model outright for just $139,000 plus GST.

2. Degani Café

Melbourne-based café, coffee shop and restaurant experience Degani has built a foundation on family-owned operations.

With flavoursome pastries, breakfasts and of course fresh brewed coffee, the chain has quickly become a leader in the franchise café space, operating over 60 cafes nationwide.

Degani is also one of the most affordable big-box cafe franchises on the market, with royalty and marketing fees of just five per cent and two per cent respectively.

The flexible model means that franchisees are encouraged to put their own spin on the model, choosing the look, design and feel of the café, whilst writing the menu.

3. Stellarossa

Born out of a passion for high quality coffee, café franchise Stellarossa has been providing a top-notch brew for close to a decade.

In order to maximise franchisee success, the chain focuses on three key areas of operation; baristas, the Stellarossa café and of course, coffee.

A modern take on the traditional Italian espresso bar café, the Stellarossa concept is full turn-key operation that features a variety of indoor and outdoor dining options. Additionally, the chain provides all barista training, with a further four weeks of franchisee training offered by head office.

4. Bar Bellaccino

Despite launching in 2004, it took Bar Bellaccino nearly a decade to enter the franchise game, but the measured approach has proved fruitful.

The coffee franchise has developed a refined set of structures and processes that allows operators from all backgrounds to make a successful entry into the café scene.

A key component of the Bar Bellaccino model is technology. Over the past five years, the chain has invested heavily in new technology, meaning franchisees can produce high-quality coffee with a fraction of the effort previously needed.

New cafes start at just $130,000 with Bar Bellaccino now seeking inspired franchisees for NSW.

5. Xpresso Mobile Café

Ever been to kids sporting match or event and spied a coffee van on the prowl? Chances are you seen an Xpresso Mobile Café in action.

The mobile café is one of the most affordable cafe franchises on the market, with an investment fee of just $25,000 upfront. With that comes full training and a system that boasts a proven track record of franchisee success.

Where the real benefit for franchisees lies is in the model’s flexibility. Operating area not as busy as you’d like? Pack up and leave!

Franchisees have full flexibility to operate within their territory, with the option to schedule life events and commitments around their operation.

Cafe franchises

If the café culture has piqued your interest, it’s time to consider if the business model works for you.

Remember, all cafe franchises and coffee shops are morning operations, meaning early starts are assured. The pace is often frenetic and with a larger scale café concept, you can find yourself in charge of a lot of staff.

Take the time to consider which model best suits you. Are you a ‘man-in-a-van’ type operator? Or does the full-scale sit-down format get you excited?

Whichever you choose, make sure you seek legal and financial advice prior to signing any commitment. A small investment now could save you valuable time and money in the future.