3 super flexible business services franchises

By Nick Hall | 20 Jan 2020 View comments

There are several reasons why someone would want to start their own business. While financial freedom and self-fulfilment are still big drawcards, more Aussies are turning to flexible business services franchises in search of work/life balance.

If you love your weekends but want to break free from the employee shackles, a business services franchise could offer you the opportunity to do something different.

Where retail and food franchises will see you spending early hours working on and in your business, there are some opportunities that still grant you a full weekend. What’s more, these are businesses that generally operate on a Monday to Friday schedule.

So, want to know which flexible business services franchises could be your ticket out of the weekend workforce?

1. InXpress

Global online shipping company InXpress has built a solid reputation Down Under, but a growing demand for parcel delivery services is likely to see the business hit its straps this decade.

With a fully integrated web-based customer shipping platform, the company combines the freight volumes from all customers and passes on the discounts negotiated with worldwide carriers.

InXpress carriers do all the pick-ups and deliveries, providing ease of operation for the chain’s over 360 franchisees across 14 countries.

Best of all, franchisees are not required to work on weekends, however, motivated partners are encouraged to work from home, prospecting whenever they like.

“The ability to work from anywhere gives me the flexibility in my life to continue living a healthy lifestyle, while achieving an enjoyable work/life harmony,” InXpress Fortitude Valley franchisee John O’Riordan said.

“Prospecting for customers and consulting SME customers while not hard physically can still be mentally challenging, but I really enjoy the opportunity to help small and medium business owners find the perfect solution to their freight and logistics challenges.”

Aspiring entrepreneurs can get started with InXpress for as little as $64,950 plus GST, with no previous experience necessary.

2. Snap Print + Design

Franchising since 1979, Snap Print + Design is one of Australia’s longest serving and most flexible business services franchises.

Delivering print products and services for both business and consumer clients, Snap is a one-stop shop for small businesses and offers e-publications, videos, websites, QR codes, marketing services, graphic design, digital and offset printing.

Franchisees typically work Monday to Friday, starting at 8:30am and finishing by 5pm, however it’s up to them if they want to work longer.

The brand encourages franchisees to get their admin done during the working day, that way they are free to do as please come home time.

Peter Spencer, franchisee at Snap Norwest said the five day a week working schedule has allowed him to achieve full flexibility in his personal and professional life.

“I genuinely enjoy being a Snap franchisee running a business that operates predominantly on a business to business platform five days a week,” he said.

“It’s this structure that allows me to experience the freedom of running my own business with a great team and delighted clients.”

A franchise with Snap will set you back an initial capital investment starting from $50,000, with resale and greenfield opportunities on offer.

3. HR Dept

The HR Dept has been operating in the UK since 2002, and now has a franchise presence in Australia.

HR professionals act as outsourced HR departments for small and medium sized enterprises. Franchisees provide clients with solutions from dealing with payroll, employee benefit management, changing employee legislation to streamlining the HR admin system.

As far as flexible business services franchises go, this is a strong candidate. Contact hours are 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, leaving partners free to live their best life on the weekend, as long as admin work is complete.

Tegan Rose, HR Dept Ringwood said that the flexibility of the model was a key drawcard for her.

“Being able to work around family and other commitments while still providing a timely and quality service to our clients is wonderful,” she said.

“Our clients are also small/medium business owners and they’re often striving for the same balance of work and life, which instantly provides a connection and mutual understanding of the challenges associated with running a business.”

Flexible business services franchises

If you have ever thought about going into business for yourself, you understand that the vast majority of opportunities will not afford you work/life balance, particularly in the early stages.

Starting a business can be difficult and at times, stressful, but finding a model and franchisor willing to work with you can make all the difference.

Flexible business services franchises give you the ability to set clear hours, goals and leverage your previous working history to kick-start a new career.

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