Zarraffa’s Coffee tops the bean scene

By Nick Hall | 29 Nov 2019 View comments

Just one year after capturing three bronze medals for its signature blend, Aussie café franchise Zarraffa’s Coffee has doubled its efforts.

At the Australian and New Zealand Golden Bean Awards, the world’s largest coffee roasters’ competition, Zarraffa’s Coffee picked up six bronze medals, a remarkable feat considering the brand only entered seven blends.

Marnie Sheldon, Zarraffa’s Coffee CEO said the result was a testament to the network’s combined efforts.

“We are thrilled with the results,” Sheldon said. “From winning three bronze medals in 2018 to receiving six bronze medals at this year’s competition is something we are extremely proud of.”

The Zarraffa’s Coffee roastery has been thriving across South-East Queensland for several years, with an innovative and expansive operation. The chain utilises gas fired air roasters, harnessing a stream of hot air to roast the coffee beans, causing them to flow or to swirl, leaving clean, fresh and palatable coffee beans with the signature Zarraffa’s taste.

The Zarraffa’s Coffee result

While recognition for a great brew is one thing, acknowledgement of the network is another. Zarraffa’s Coffee also took out the bronze medal for the ‘Chain Store/Coffee Franchise’ section.

Sheldon said that having a dedicated and inspired network of passionate people allowed the brand to approach product innovation with confidence.

“Serving millions of coffees each year ensures our roasting process is exceptional in order to deliver the quality of coffee that has built our reputation over the past two decades,” Sheldon said.

“Our experienced roasters will continue working to provide customers with delicious blends, which will be sure to make their mark again at next year’s competition.”

The latest award is yet another step in the iconic Queensland franchise’s journey, with expansion across New South Wales and Western Australia ramping up. The chain currently operates 90 locations across those regions, with further expansion on the way.