Zambrero’s franchisees pay it forward

By Sarah Stowe | 04 Jun 2018 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: Zambrero franchisees Scott and Shae ChapmanScott Chapman is a multi-unit franchisee for Mexican quick-service restaurant Zambrero who, along with his wife Shae, has won awards for high achievement. He is also director of Brave Hearts, a child protection charity in Queensland which he supports both with time and money.

Chapman helps to generate revenue and fundraising through the Zambrero network, and co-ordinates raffles and giveaways that are separate to the chain’s other philanthropic channels.

Through the network he has been able to donate 4000 meals to the Plate 4 Plate initiative: with every burrito or bowl bought at Zambrero, a meal is donated to someone in need.

Part of the reason Chapman chose to be a Zambrero franchisee was because he knew that every day he could help half a million hungry people. “Zambrero has such an incredible focus on helping those in need, which really helps you to get on board with brand and make a difference,” he says.

Chapman also mentors franchisees to help them achieve their goals. “I couldn’t have done what I have without my mentor, so it is important that I pass it forward.”

The Chapmans were voted franchisees of the year for the network, and as a reward will visit India this year to see the direct impact of their charitable work. The duo also believes education is power, and that if “people like us don’t donate to people who need it, the world would be a very ordinary place”.

“People think that donating to charity is all about money, and we don’t all have disposable incomes.  Shae and I have skills to donate that can help generate a lot more money,” he says.

Chapman believes millennials have really helped drive the idea that businesses should embrace corporate social responsibility, and that contributing time is as valuable as money.

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