Global logistics boom puts World Options franchisees in box seat

By Sponsored | 01 Aug 2019 View comments

Despite subdued global economic growth, the Australian logistics and transportation industry looks set for a monster 2020, new data suggests.

According to global market research company Frost & Sullivan, ongoing global trade tensions will remain elevated, particularly as larger transport providers battle with new industry regulations.

In its Global Transportation and Logistics Industry Outlook, 2019 report, the company suggested the evolving market would experience a slowdown in large-scale logistics growth, greatly increasing the value of small parcel and domestic operations.

Here in Australia, logistics and transport providers, such as World Options that specialise in solutions for small to medium enterprises are set to reap the rewards of a growing e-commerce demand.

It’s not the first time the logistics industry has been bolstered by new reports. In 2018, market research firm Technavio revealed that the industry was expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of seven per cent over the five years from 2018-22.

As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping over bricks and mortar retailing, the domestic logistics industry will rapidly evolve. Companies that focus on offering innovative customer solutions will be best suited to capture the emerging demand.

“In 2019, logistics industry majors across the value chain are expected to prioritize operational efficiencies, with investments in technology adoption,” Frost & Sullivan noted.

For World Options, this means bolstering it’s already established suite of online products and services.

Since entering the Australian market in 2017, the logistics franchise has introduced a series of innovative additions to help franchise partners navigate the evolving sector.

Just last year, World Options launched an online portal that provides franchisees with exclusive carriers’ rates, access to transit time information, collection and delivery as well as invoices.

The addition allowed World Options partners to compare rates and view available offerings to ensure that customers always receive the best possible service at the most affordable price.

As the e-commerce demand grows, so too will the need for specialist logistics providers, particularly those catering to a small and medium sized audience. If you want to join a developing industry, partnering with a sector-leading franchisor, visit and make an enquiry today.