Work for yourself, by yourself, but not alone

By Sarah Stowe | 26 Nov 2020 View comments

If you want to work for yourself and by yourself, then buying a home services business could be the perfect answer.

It makes sense to invest in a business that allows you to be hands-on if you are someone who is keen to ditch the stresses and concerns of staff management.

And with a franchise, so many of the big challenges of starting up your own business are already overcome – business name, branding, marketing, supplies, operating systems and procedures – these are already tried and tested by the franchisor.

And there’s back-up from a support team as you build your business.

So you’ll be working for yourself, by yourself, but not alone.

Check out these five d-i-y options:


It’s a niche business offer, with a clear focus – cleaning ovens, barbecues, grills.

Expect to invest $39,500 + GST and sign up for a five year term with one option to renew for another five years.


Pool cleaning never goes out of fashion, and although there is the big scale option of a retail store, a mobile franchise delivers the sole trader model for about $45,000.

Jim’s Pool Care

Another mobile option that provides outdoor work under the banner of one of the most recognised home services brands in Australia. It will cost from $63,000 for a 10 year term, and there’s no cost if you want to renew the agreement.

My Home Services Group

Pick one service option and expand to offer other services under the umbrella group when you’re ready to expand – that’s the benefit of working for yourself with this franchise group.

Buy a franchise from $25,000 for a five year term, with one option to renew.


This franchise isn’t just about restoring and maintaining decks, it’s expanded the offering to include all kinds of timber restoration, even concrete cladding cleaning.

You’ll pay between $60,000 and $70,000 for a five year term.