Why Snap-On Tools could be the mega brand you’ve never heard of

By Sarah Stowe | 19 Jun 2020 View comments

It’s true. Not every monster brand is a household name. Snap-on Tools is testament to that fact.

Of course if you’re a mechanic used to working with top quality tools then the historic Snap-on brand will be familiar to you.

So for the non-mechanics among us, let’s do an introduction.

Why Snap-on Tools is a mega brand

  1. It’s 100 years old. And it’s still trading because the simplicity of the business concept is timeless. Founded in the US back in 1920 the business was born from the idea of creating interchangeable tools. The initial products were five handles and 10 sockets.
  2. Snap-on Tools has an amazing history. From working with the auto mechanics in what was still a young industry back in the 1920s to supplying essential tools that kept America’s equipment functioning in the Second World War. From supporting aviation innovation to servicing the Space Shuttle’s Moon Buggy, Snap-on has been involved in key moments of manufacturing and mechanical development.
  3. The business invests in R&D. Staying ahead of the game is crucial to maintain a competitive presence in an increasing tech world. And that means the technology can be applied at local level, giving franchisees a competitive edge with customers.
  4. While the business has been trading in Australia for more than 30 years, the global brand launched as a franchise in 1990. So there is experience in operating and supporting a franchise network. The Snap-on team understands mechanics but it understands franchising too.
  5. It’s a low-cost mobile retailer that brings products and service to mechanics and engineers’ workplaces. Snap-on is perfectly in tune with today’s popular delivery trend – it has been supporting its customers with the products they need, when they need them, delivered to their door for decades.
  6. The mobile store itself is a wonder of design, packing its extensive range of tools and equipment into a neatly-designed truck. Franchisees use a flat screen monitor to show product information DVDs and process orders with a mobile EFTPOS machine.
  7. There’s an entry price of $50,000 and Snap-on can help franchisees get into business for themselves with a privately-funded credit program that provides for the full set-up costs.

Even though the customers are professional tool users, franchisees don’t need to bring an extensive level of knowledge to the business. If you’re armed with a passion for excellent customer service and a love of all things mechanical, this could be a great route to your own business success.