Why Jim’s Mowing franchise?

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

JimÕs Mowing was the answer for Todd Mitchell.

Q: Why did you choose this particular type of franchise?

A: Choosing to pursue a mowing franchise was, I found, quite easy. I knew what the job entailed, and the idea of working for myself and doing what I love had a certain appeal. I grew up with a farming background in far east Gippsland and the satisfaction one gets from a hard dayÕs work mixed with the compliments of a job well done made this decision that much easier. In my eyes a JimÕs Mowing franchise ticked all the right boxes.

Q: How long have you been in the franchise?

A: Although it feels like a lifetime (with lifestyle changes, many learning curves and routine changes), I am only entering into my eleventh month as a franchisee.

Q: What were your expectations when you started as to the amount of work you would undertake, how much time it would take to get leads and business, and your lifestyle?

A: I was fairly opened minded but I did set certain expectations and goals. I was fine with working five and a half to six days a week which of course is my choice. As to the amount of work available to franchisees via leads and referrals I was assured that there wouldnÕt be a problem, and work was readily available. I predicted that it would take some time to grow my business, however I was pleasantly surprised. I have only now been able to find a consistent work and life balance, and this really comes down to experience and careful planning. I feel a franchisee is only successful when there is a clear line which separates the two.

Q: Looking back, how have your expectations been met?

A: All expectations which I set have clearly been met. Financially I am in a great position, and my feelings emotionally are still very positive in relation to the business. With growth still occurring rapidly, I can only see it as upwards from here.

Q: What are your plans for developing your business?

A: With the growth of work and customers occurring as rapidly as it has, my next step is looking at employing someone on a regular basis; one who possesses the work ethic and motivation needed in continuing the success of my business.

I feel this is necessary to take my success further, and I am both eager and anxious about the process.