What to look for in a tutoring franchise

What should you look for when considering a tutoring franchise as a business purchase?

Mohan Dhall, Australian Tutoring Association CEO, says the tutoring market had a strong rebound from the Covid lockdowns up until late June 2021.

However, while the government’s jobs outlook data shows strong growth over the next five years, Mohan believes it is difficult to predict what this will look like.

What he can point to is that every bricks and mortar location will need a really good online supplement.

“That’s been the biggest nuance over the last year and a half,” he says. “Franchised organisations did not have a great online offer, but that’s changed.”

Among the points potential franchisees should consider while reviewing a franchise business are systems and support.

“There will need to be systems in place that are robust in the event of parent complaints, how do you backtrack and find what happened? It’s harder online.

“Business owners will need to carefully look at what content is available and what content support there is – how much investment in ongoing development of curriculum is there? This is a significant driver of enrolments.”

Which brands are in the mix?

Tutor Doctor provides an in-home tutoring service. The Canadian-born business been franchising since 2004 and it costs about $60,000 to buy a franchise.

Dymocks Tutoring is part of the 140-year old Dymocks Group, and has been trading since 2018.

Seriously Addictive Mathematics is numbers focused, and is based on the Singapore Maths principles.

Kumon has been providing individualised English and maths programs at centres around the world since 1984.

Mathnasium delivers maths education from its own neighbourhood centres.