What should you look for in a franchise? Top tips [video interview]

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

How can you make the most of your franchise purchase? Greg Nathan, the internationally renowned founder of The Franchise Relationship Institute, shares his practical tips in this video interview with Franchising editor Sarah Stowe, filmed at the National Franchise Convention 2013 at the Gold Coast.

Nathan has some key pointers for potential franchisees and here he shares his insights into:

  • the signs of a healthy franchise relationship
  • whether money is the best motivator for running a business
  • what potential franchisees should look for in a franchise
  • how to make the most of being a franchise

Says Nathan, "You are ultimately responsible for this business, so you've got to think about 'if I'm going to employ staff I will take responsibility for the staff I employ, I will take responsibility for the service level they provide to customers, and I will take responsibility for the standards in my business'."