Wet-Seal’s reputation helps franchisees succeed

By Sarah Stowe | 12 Nov 2020 View comments

Waterproof specialist Wet-Seal can tackle any indoor or outdoor areas at risk of water damage. In fact, the firm has been providing waterproofing solutions for customers since 1984, so is well-versed in its professional approach to achieving results.

It’s a water-tight proposition. This is a niche industry which requires complete accuracy. Ninety nine per cent waterproof just isn’t waterproof, and Wet-Seal franchisees understand a number of elements need to come together to create a waterproof barrier.

In a bathroom, for instance. moisture escaping from a shower area can be caused by things such as ill-fitting screens, lack of deflection devices, and ineffective sealant.

A professional solution gives customers peace of mind – whether it’s preventive measures in new builds, or fixing an existing problem.

South of Brisbane franchisees Roger and Chris Brown have been in the business almost as long as the Wet-Seal brand has been going.

“Wet-seal’s reputation and products give you a big head start, but the rest is up to you – building relationships with local builders, being there when you are expected on a site is a vital part and finding the opportunities is also a major part of it, and that’s our job as franchisees.”

Some franchisees come to the business with some trades experience, but it isn’t a requirement because there is comprehensive training provided in a four week period, and ongoing, and the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

Wet-Seal provides exclusive own-brand products for franchisees to work with.

Of course franchisees need to be willing to put in plenty of hard work – waterproofing is a physically demanding job. But they need also to be excited at the opportunity to build a reputation for professionalism and reliability, and to develop strong relationships with local builders and other potential clients.

A greenfield (brand new) territory costs $25,000 + GST; the purchase price of an existing business is negotiated with the outgoing franchisee.