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What does a franchise agreement cover?


Put simply, a franchise agreement is a business contract that requires your full attention. Starting a new franchise is similar to starting any business. The only additional legal document is

3 franchise agreement warning signs to watch out for


Buying a franchise, like any major business decision is no certainty for success. Three things you can be certain of prior to signing a franchise agreement, however, are stress, anxiety

How to get the best franchise deal


When it comes to franchising and leasing, the documents you sign will govern your business dealings for many years to come. There’s a very limited ability to renegotiate in the

5 steps to success as a first-time franchisee


If you are eager to buy into a franchise business as a first-time franchisee, now is the time to prepare for major legislation changes potentially set to shake up the

5 people you must talk to before buying a franchise


For inspired entrepreneur-types, the lure of a streamlined business venture with set structures can seem like a perfect fit. Provided you chose the right model, opportunity and location, buying a

8 future-proof due diligence steps


Purchasing a franchise can be a daunting and unknown process for many prospective franchisees.  Too often franchisees bypass the vital task of conducting their own due diligence prior to buying

3 must-avoid franchisee legal mistakes


Want to avoid costly franchisee legal mistakes? When you are assessing a franchise venture, you may find yourself looking at your potential expenses, searching for any opportunity to reduce costs.

Why legislation is driving growth in the safety sector


Keeping a cap on infrastructural risk in business has its growing challenges, but it is also providing solid opportunities in franchising.

Salsas committed to franchisees amid ‘Taco Tuesday’ debate


Mexican franchise Salsas Fresh Mex has sparked controversy by sending a cease and desist letter to iconic Melbourne pub, the Reverence Hotel, over their use of the phrase ‘Taco Tuesday’.

What you need to know about a technology agreement


Technology agreements come in all shapes and sizes. It could be a software licence agreement, a point of sale licence agreement or a website development agreement.