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6 ways to fix franchise buyer concerns


When franchise buyers are reviewing business opportunities they are encouraged to see any franchisor non-compliance as a red flag. They would be quite justified to stop and reconsider signing up

How to avoid a rebranding disaster


Rebranding disaster or successful rebranding exercise? A rebrand is often an exciting time for a business, writes Nils Versemann. But before adopting a new brand, whether for a business or a new

When staff walk out with your trade secrets


Thanks for the memories, oh and your confidential information! What can you do when an employee walks out the door with your valuable knowledge? It seems a common occurrence these days.

3 ways to avoid franchise disputes


When you own or run a franchise system, your focus is on the growth and success of the brand. So the threat of disputes within the system – and the

5 tips for minimising risk in your franchise network


In 2017, the Federal Government passed the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act 2017 to protect vulnerable workers from underpayment and cashback schemes. Effectively, the new regime made franchisors,

3 franchise agreement warning signs to watch out for


Buying a franchise, like any major business decision is no certainty for success. Three things you can be certain of prior to signing a franchise agreement, however, are stress, anxiety

Employers could face jail time over wage theft


The Prime Minister has issued a stern warning to employers who exploit workers, in the wake of ongoing wage theft reports. Scott Morrison on Wednesday revealed that employers engaging in

Tips for foreign franchises setting up in Australia


What do overseas franchises need to consider before setting up in Australia? We recently acted for an overseas franchisor entering the Australian early learning and preschool play groups market. The business offers franchises

The Inquiry is over. What franchisors do now…


The report is in and there is no shortage of recommendations but what can franchisors do now? Melissa Strain, senior associate and Bruce McFarlane, managing director, BlueRock Law have some suggestions. Although many say

How to time franchisees start dates


Setting the dates for a new franchisee to start training and business operations can be somewhat like a tug of war. Everyone and their respective professional advisors will have different