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How much will a franchise cost?


Although it can sometimes be difficult to ask direct questions, we think it’s important to do precisely that when you’re buying a franchise. Here are three crucial questions to ask

11 super-simple money tips for franchisees


Be frugal with your money when you buy a franchise. Remember, a franchise is still a business, there are no concrete guarantees of success and your franchisor cannot protect you from all

Ombudsman seeks feedback on Business Funding Guide


A tumultuous year for the banking sector has hit Australian small business hard, with prospective entrepreneurs finding access to finance more difficult than ever. However, a new document, the Business

5 franchise finance essentials for new business owners


Research and due diligence are at the heart of good preparation for a franchise purchase, and it’s no different when prepping for the franchise finance aspects. Take some simple steps

Your franchise financial ABCs


Just started a franchise business? Chances are you’re too concerned with getting traffic through the door to worry about financial figures, but beware, that’s a dangerous pattern to fall into.

5 people you must talk to before buying a franchise


For inspired entrepreneur-types, the lure of a streamlined business venture with set structures can seem like a perfect fit. Provided you chose the right model, opportunity and location, buying a

4 low-cost business models for the cash-savvy franchisee


Franchising is full of successful models with worldwide appeal, take for instance the most famous of all; McDonald’s, which has a global network of over 36,000 restaurants across 100 countries.

Do you have enough money to buy a franchise?


“Do we have enough money to buy this business?” This is one of the first questions you’ll need to address when you start to investigate a franchise.

How can a franchisee improve their chances of getting finance?


If you’re looking to buy a franchise, getting access to finance will be crucial.

How to find the finance to buy a franchise


Buying a franchise is top of your must-do list right now but you need to be able to fund the purchase.