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3 steps to ensure you get a bank loan


Whatever your goals in entrepreneurship are, it is more than likely that you will need to get a bank loan to achieve them. Think of it this way; you are

5 franchise finance essentials for new business owners


Research and due diligence are at the heart of good preparation for a franchise purchase, and it’s no different when prepping for the franchise finance aspects. Take some simple steps

Your cheat’s guide to franchise financials


“A Cheat’s Guide? What’s that?” Well, it’s certainly not a guide to cheating in a franchise. It’s about helping you know some of the smart things to look at on the numbers side when you’re buying a franchise.

What is due diligence? 6 things to do before buying a franchise


There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the importance of performing due diligence, but as a first-time franchisee, you may be asking yourself, “What does that actually mean?”.

What tax does a franchisee have to pay?


Franchisees can often pay different amounts of tax depending on what industry the franchise is in and more importantly what business structure they are using.

When should franchisees pay themselves a wage?


What franchise buyers need to consider before paying themselves a wage.

How much is too much to pay for a franchise?


When buying a franchise, an independent business or any other kind of asset, how do you know when you’re paying too much?

Don’t grapple with the disclosure document, check these savvy legal tips


The franchise disclosure document is one of the most important documents for a prospective franchisee.

The working capital you need for your franchise


When you buy your franchise and start trading, you’ll need to have some funds to help you through the first weeks and months of business.

What to look for when you buy an existing business


So you’ve found the business of your dreams and it’s for sale. Before you go ahead and make an offer to purchase, it is critical you understand (and trust) the numbers.