The future of transportation and logistics

By Nick Hall | 10 Jan 2019 View comments

As the global retail and e-commerce industries gear up for their busiest periods of the year, the role of effective and reliable transport solutions becomes more important than ever.

A rising international consumer demand for point-to-point logistics and shipping options has forced the industry into a phase of technological innovation and steep growth.

According to the latest market research from Technavio, the global logistics market is expected to register a CAGR of seven per cent over the five years from 2018-22, buoyed by a healthy focus on e-commerce solutions.

In Australia, the efficiency of logistics services is pivotal to the productivity of the nation’s varied small business models, particularly with the specific geographical challenges that the country presents.

Affordable transport and logistics options have allowed Australians to profitably reach key markets and compete with cheap imported products.

While demand from the manufacturing division has slowed considerably over the past five years, an increasing global trade focus has underpinned sector revenue growth, with the trend expected to continue.

For shipping and logistics businesses to succeed in the contemporary e-commerce-fuelled environment, there must be an emphasis on multi-channel functions, such as shipping, distribution, warehousing and delivery, both domestic and international.

World Options is a global shipping and service franchise that provides customers with a fast, reliable and consumer-centric online shipping system.

Since entering the Australian market in 2017, the franchise brand has invested heavily in the digital space, servicing a full-range of client demands with the click of a mouse, thanks to its industry-leading online portal.

Focusing primarily on Australian small to medium sized businesses, the brand developed the online portal to streamline operational processes, providing competitive carriers rates, access to transit time information, collection and delivery plus invoices, all within the one system.

Customers have the ability to compare multiple carrier rates and service commitments on one screen, without the need to login to each carrier separately to request a quote, receiving one World Options invoice for all the carriers used.

Underpinning the market-leading shipping portal is World Option’s exceptional customer service, with franchise partner liaising directly with carriers on behalf of the client in order to reduce lengthy wait times and streamline the shipping process.

The strength of the model hinges on its flexibility, with franchisees able to operate the business comfortably from home, reducing overheads and lowering the cost of entry.

As the Australian shipping and transportation industry continues to grow, brands that leverage a supportive, agile model and a strong history of franchisee success, both locally and overseas will present the greatest opportunity.

To learn more about World Options, or to view available franchise opportunities, click here.