Ten years as a franchisee

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Leading Outdoor Concept franchisee Jock Dean of Adelaide, South Australia takes a Q&A

Q: Why did you choose this particular type of franchise?

A: I chose Outside Concepts 10 years ago because it was closely aligned to my original career in engineering surveying. I was attracted to the franchise system because there was a lot of flexibility in terms of the structure designs and options I could show my customers.

Q: What were your expectations when you started as to the amount of work you would undertake, how much time it would take to get leads, grow the business, and your lifestyle?

A: I worked hard because it was my own business and I expected to put in longer hours initially. I wanted to make a good living and set myself up. After seven years the business had grown so much that I had to employ staff to give me a hand and I have never looked back. IÕm now in a position to retire, if I chose to.

Q: Looking back, how have your expectations been met?

A: The results have greatly exceeded my expectations. My sales have increased by 100 per cent over the past five years and the income is very good. I get a lot of satisfaction from the work, especially when I receive positive client testimonials.

Outdoor Concept was previously known as Mr Carports.