Urban Clean

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Urban Clean’s flexible business model expanding to US


An Urban Clean franchise can be started as a part-time after hours business, ideal for anyone wanting to continue their day time career or transition gradually from a job to

Why commercial cleaning franchise Urban Clean won’t play the discount game


Predictions for the commercial cleaning services industry forecast an uplift in line with an economic recovery from Covid-19. Analysis firm IBISworld expects there to be greater competition too, as more

A low-risk start to your own commercial cleaning business


Damien Boehm is on a mission to help his franchise partners build a successful business of their own. “In the world of commercial cleaning that isn’t always the case –

Hate the idea of cleaning? This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for


If you are turned off by the idea of cleaning, you could be tempted to turn the page. But, if you do, you might miss out on the chance to

Cleaning franchises where you don’t clean


It’s possible to become your own boss, working for yourself as the owner of a cleaning franchise and not have to face years of scrubbing and mopping. If you buy a cleaning

Budget buys: a franchise for under $30,000


Buying a business doesn’t need to be an expensive option . In fact you can buy a franchise for less than $30,000 and get back-up and support to help you

Urban Clean’s hygiene protocols lead to boosted business


Urban Clean founder Damien Boehm has taken a stringent approach to business, and right now it’s paying off as corporate clients look to upgrade their hygiene levels and get staff back

4 brands helping Australia back to work


News that coronavirus restrictions will ease across the country, albeit in a state-led staged process, means firms are preparing to return to work. It’s not quite back to the old