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Sport Star Academy vision: Peter Nikolakopoulos


  Peter Nikolakopoulos founded Football Star Academy in 2002. The business would grow to become the multi-award winning Sport Star Academy franchise chain. Today there are 60 franchises in the multi-sport

6 franchisee tips for nailing local area marketing


How do new franchisees get traffic through the door? While there are a number of things business owners can do to boost awareness, generally all will fall under the category

4 marketing solutions that help franchisees


The support franchise partners receive from the franchisor is essential to the ongoing growth and success of a franchise network. Clear systems, processes and procedures in place form the framework they require

20 franchises in 12 months for Sport Star Academy


Children’s sport and mentorship franchise, Sport Star Academy is moving west, with founder and CEO Peter Nikolakopoulos confirming the brand had secured a Western Australian foundation franchisee.

From emigrant to entrepreneur – Sport Star Academy franchisee shares his journey


A lifelong football fan, it took Tim Rickman years of heavy slog in multinational corporations and a redundancy before he had the opportunity to indulge his passion in business.

Creating a movement for change: How life experience helped Peter Nikolakopoulos find his purpose


When former Australian football player, Peter Nikolakopoulos led his Victorian team to international victory in the 2002 Hyundai World Championships in Korea, praise came thick and fast, but it was what happened when he returned to Australia that proved to be the greatest reward.

Scoring goals with a Sport Star Academy franchise


Are you a sports lover who’d rather be inspiring the sport stars of tomorrow than stuck behind a stuffy desk? A Sport Star Academy franchise could be just the change you need.