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Franchise basics; What is a franchise territory?


When you first begin discussions about a particular opportunity, chances are, you’ll hear the phrase ‘franchise territory’. But what exactly does that mean? As a franchisee, it is vital you

Why there is trouble in retail: report


A new report on the state of shopping centres across Australia reveals a stark gap between centre growth and rising rental costs. The Spectrum Analysis study, ‘Shopping Centres – still

Could service return to service stations?


A point of distinction in the market is valuable for any business.  So could service be the game changer in the service station arena? My first job (that put me

4 franchise fails; What not to do when buying a franchise


For new business owners, franchising can be a great way to kickstart operations, but like all ventures, there is no certainty for success. Pitfalls do exist, so it’s important to

What franchise buyers need to know about mobile territory planning


More and more mobile franchises are coming onto the market, such as a business flying drones, or one taking mobile video games to kid’s parties. What’s appealing to franchisees is the lower cost of entry, along with not having the hassle of a retail lease.

4 lessons from Winston Churchill that will help franchisors today


What this wartime leader can teach you about planning you network’s future.

How is Uber changing the QSR environment ….. and are you feeling the effects?


Uber deliveries may seem fantastic for the customer, but what is the business and social reality hiding behind Uber Eats’ the flashy app and feel good brand?

Franchise territories – what you need to know


Introduction Territory Planning is an area extremely important to you as a franchisee, but does the franchise system and the franchisor of the system give it the importance you need

What turnover can my new store achieve?


What is our new store likely to sell? This should be the biggest question asked in selecting and opening a new business.

Retail Gravity Modelling


Introduction The Retail Gravity Model (also known as HuffÕs Gravity Model) is a modified version of Sir Issac NewtonÕs Law of Gravitation. Gravity modelling studies retail choice, and the probability