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Shopping centres can offer rent relief: ACCC


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has granted shopping centres the ability to discuss and implement rent relief measures for small to medium sized tenants. According to the ACCC, the

Why there is trouble in retail: report


A new report on the state of shopping centres across Australia reveals a stark gap between centre growth and rising rental costs. The Spectrum Analysis study, ‘Shopping Centres – still

Survey reveals franchisors’ big battles


Unfair commercial leasing terms, red tape and wages are the top three major concerns for the franchise sector according to a survey conducted by the Franchise Council of Australia. The

Rising rents: will NSW shopping centre code deliver?


Last month, a new code of conduct went into effect in NSW with the aim of levelling the playing field between landlords and retail tenants. But is it a step

What gives a franchisor nightmares?


Try the escalating costs of retail space for their franchise system. Let’s imagine I am a franchisor in Australia today, in a predominantly retail business. My biggest fears are the

Shoppers still prefer in-store experience, data reveals


Despite retailers’ increasing investment in e-commerce, most consumers still favour an in-store experience over online, according to a new report by marketing specialist, Blis. According to The Real Retail Story report, 63

Dining revenue drops in shopping malls: survey


A survey of 14,000 consumers by UBS Evidence Lab has revealed that Australian shopping centres are in a riskier position than malls in other parts in the Asia-Pacific region. Not