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Get your disclosure documents ready…or pay the price


Forget to update your disclosure documents at your peril.

How franchise buyers can avoid disputes


When buying a business from an existing franchisee, there are some things you can do to minimise the risk of a dispute arising with the seller.

How to change your supply chain – what franchisors should know


Franchising is a system of doing business. As a franchisor, you have achieved a proven system for success through your brand and product consistency, and you have opted to duplicate that system by franchising.

How to get value from your franchise lawyer


A lawyer can seem like an unnecessary expense when buying a franchise with so many other costs to consider.

On-selling your franchise: what you need to know


Like any business, once you establish your franchise the ideal goal is to build goodwill then on-sell it in the future for a profit.

6 steps to set up a franchised business


There are six simple steps to follow if you’re planning to buy a franchise, write Luke McKavanagh and Peter Rouse of Rouse Lawyers.

How to handle renewals with a difficult franchisee


Dealing with a difficult franchisee can be problematic when locked into a contract and trying to maintain a business relationship.

What documents do you need to sign when you buy a franchise?


Don’t get swamped by paperwork as a franchise buyer. Here’s our easy cheat-sheet for the documents you will come across when you buy a franchise.

Don’t tell your franchise buyers these 6 things


In franchise recruitment it’s crucial to exercise caution in the messages communicated with the franchise buyer.

What are the pros and cons of exclusive franchise territories?


A franchise agreement will commonly grant a franchisee the right to an ‘exclusive’ territory. There are many different types of territories that can be granted