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Should you list on the stock exchange?


Franchisors like many growing, successful businesses often consider listing on a stock exchange (e.g. ASX). The appeal of listing is varied ranging from the desire to extract value from the

Franchising profits up


Franchising is a star in the Australian economy according to the latest survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers, with franchisees and franchisors both showing good growth in profit and revenue. Franchisor profits rose

Making a name for yourself


What is the Franchise Council of Australia’s (FCA) view about established systems? How you would gauge whether or not a franchise system can be described as established? The FCA runs

Getting on track with finance


Tracking network finances means a franchise system is making the most of its potential and helping franchisees better their business, writes Chris Ridd from Microsoft Dynamics Australia. As the Reserve

Four reasons why franchise sector is a good news story: report


Good news for the franchise sector, which has seen better than expected growth, according to the latest report. PwCÕs Franchise Sector Indicator (FSI) released today reveals double digit revenue and

The importance of a mission statement


Without a clear vision and a strategy to implement it, a franchisor, and the unfortunate franchisees, may survive but are on a relatively aimless journey. The website of The Canadian

Pros and cons of greenfield franchise opportunities


Developing a franchise greenfield site or territory is an opportunity not without a challenge, writes Sergio Alderuccio, director, private client services at PricewaterhouseCoopers. That challenge becomes even greater when the

Franchising outperforming says latest industry report


The Australian franchise sector has outperformed the economy and continues to be optimistic about the short and medium term outlooks despite funding concerns, according to the first PricewaterhouseCoopers Franchise Sector

One great idea – multi unit franchising


I first noticed multi unit franchisees on a trip to the US about 10 years ago. At that point, Australian franchisees predominantly owned and operated a single unit. Over the

Shaping up to be a multi-unit franchisee


Just what are the personal qualities that make a successful multi-unit franchisee? Leadership Franchisors and franchisees both agree that an effective multi unit franchisee must have strong leadership qualities and