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MoneyQuest snaps up boutique aggregator Buyers Choice


Mortgage broking business MoneyQuest buys Buyers Choice, a boutique sub aggregator which currently settles more than $250 million a month. Buyers Choice provides finance for property, small business, vehicles and equipment as well as personal

MoneyQuest’s franchisees to benefit from brand new graduate program


MoneyQuest is looking to boost the ranks of its brokers with a fast track Mortgage Broking Graduate Program and that’s good news for franchisees who will employ successful applicants. Last

MoneyQuest broker achieves $1bn in paid settlements


MoneyQuest mortgage broker Paul Wright has hit a mega target, reaching $1bn in paid settlements this week. This marks a significant milestone in the Wollongong broker’s illustrious 20-year career.   For

How MoneyQuest boosts franchisee business with its bespoke tech platform


Boutique brokerage MoneyQuest has invested heavily in a tech platform that will improve its franchisees’ bottom lines.  And one year on, the fully automated, client communications system is having an impact, says

MoneyQuest opens 100th franchise


Mortgage broking franchise MoneyQuest opens its 100th franchise just five years since it first unveiled its franchising model. The network’s swift expansion has been helped by major investments into proprietary technology said