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Burrito Bar is buzzing with new ideas and brilliant opportunities


The Burrito Bar fusion of Mexican street food and art that keep customers coming back for more – it’s hard to resist that unique combination of flavours, colours and experiences.

3 amazing Mexican fast-food brands that could be your future


Mexican fast food brands have been riding the wave of popularity over the past few years and there’s plenty to be excited about as a potential franchisee. While fast food

What’s the key to Burrito Bar’s pandemic success?


The Mexican-inspired Burrito Bar is counting its blessings. Right now the chain of 31 stores is reaping the rewards of some smart thinking, and quite a bit of luck. “We’ve been

First Mad Mex refresh in 10 years revealed


If it wants to be seen as a natural and healthy ‘fast food’ restaurant, the latest Mad Mex refresh, the brand’s first in over 10 years, certainly delivered. On Monday,