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Gigi Hadid slammed for McDonald’s partnership


A paid partnership between supermodel Gigi Hadid and franchise giant McDonald’s is calling the role of social media marketing into question. Early this month, Hadid copped criticism for a promotional

McDonald’s still number one, despite Domino’s surge


McDonald’s has once again claimed top spot as the nation’s preferred fast-food or QSR outlet, beating off stiff competition from fellow franchise chains KFC and Domino’s.

McDonald’s launches $500m expansion plan


McDonald’s Australia is preparing to spend more than $500m on expansion efforts across the country, including plans to bolster its representation in regional areas.

McDonald’s serves up supersized Q3 results


Global franchise giant, McDonald’s has reported its 13th consecutive month of positive same-stores sales, exceeding third quarter revenue expectations and topping Wall Street profit.

McDonald’s denies ‘churning’ work practices


McDonald’s Australia has denied the fast food giant is easing older employees out of their shifts in a churning process that favours cheaper, younger staff members.

McDonald’s continuing to innovate despite Create Your Taste misfire


McDonald’s short lived build-your-own burger initiative was discontinued in 2017 after just three years of operation, however franchisees are still bearing the brunt of the brand’s misfire.

McDonalds to phase out plastic straws by 2020


Australians will soon be slurping their McDonald’s thickshakes through paper straws after the company announced it would phase out plastic straws over the next two years.

McDonald’s snags top spot as Aussie’s favourite fast food


Fast food giant McDonald’s is Australia’s most popular take away brand.

McDonald’s menu energises 1Q earnings


Higher prices on McDonald’s menu have led to surprisingly strong comparable-store sales during the first quarter.

McDonald’s slims down Happy Meal


Washington McDonald’s will no longer list cheeseburgers and chocolate milk on its Happy Meal menu as the fast-food giant attempts to shed its junk food image.