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7 crucial questions on privacy rules


The sale and purchase of a small business or franchise often includes the vendor’s client list and client personal information acquired over many years and forms part of its confidential

When staff walk out with your trade secrets


Thanks for the memories, oh and your confidential information! What can you do when an employee walks out the door with your valuable knowledge? It seems a common occurrence these days.

Tips for foreign franchises setting up in Australia


What do overseas franchises need to consider before setting up in Australia? We recently acted for an overseas franchisor entering the Australian early learning and preschool play groups market. The business offers franchises

You can’t use that against me! What does the ‘without prejudice’ letter mean?


If a proposal or offer to settle a dispute is made on a ‘without prejudice’ basis-what does it really mean? The purpose of ‘without prejudice’ communication is to enable parties

How do you get out of a franchise?


It’s easy to get in, not always so easy to get out. But understanding the rules around exiting a franchise helps.