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Timing is everything when you buy a franchise: what to do and when


Planning to buy a franchise? Between undertaking your due diligence on the brand, speaking to other franchisees, inspecting possible site locations and perhaps securing finance, it is important not to forget the legal side of the process.

How transparent is your supply chain?


Could your lack of clarity with franchisees cost you?

Don’t grapple with the disclosure document, check these savvy legal tips


The franchise disclosure document is one of the most important documents for a prospective franchisee.

6 rules you must comply with as a franchisee


We all know that franchisees have to comply with the rules of the franchise — it’s part of the “deal” you make when you join a franchise network. But what happens if you don’t comply?

If I can’t get my franchisor to provide the promised support, what can I do?


Despite a franchisor and franchisee each operating their own business, a franchisee relies on the systems, resources and guidance that the franchisor provides to succeed.

What are the top challenges facing Aussie businesses today?


Almost half of Australian businesses cite revenue and profit growth as a major concern.

Should I stay or should I go? How to leave a franchise


Sometimes, a franchise relationship will turn sour before the binding term of the agreement expires but you should consider the following before officially cutting ties.

Buying a franchise: Can you afford it?


Wanting to trade under an established brand commonly motivates franchisees purchasing an existing franchise.

Turning your business into a franchise – can you afford it?


Running a franchise business can be highly profitable for all involved, but it is a long-term financial commitment.

What to consider when buying a franchise


If you’re thinking about owning your own franchise business, consider the earning potential you will gain from having the right to trade under an established brand name.