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Why the government’s $2b small business fund won’t accelerate growth: Opinion


The Australian government has a plan to help the nation’s small and medium-sized businesses – but it’s not a very well-developed one.

Should you fund your franchisees?


The pros and cons of financing your franchisees in business

Government to send more GST funding to WA


If the Commonwealth government’s proposed reforms for the distribution of the GST revenue between the States and Territories is implemented, about a billion dollars a year of additional commonwealth funds will be spent to ensure “no state will be worse off”. But where the extra funds will come from is left to the imagination.

KFC operator raises funds for its acquisition plans


Fast food operator, Collins Food, has completed the second stage of its retail entitlement offer, which raises the funds for its acquisition of 28 more KFC outlets through a $44.1 million offer of new shares and $69.3 million in debt facilities.