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Fernwood founder’s leadership tips for women


Diana Williams started out in her fitness franchise journey back in the late 1980s. So what inspired her to start the Fernwood Women’s Health Club business? “Actually I wasn’t inspired to

Four tricky rebrand problems to overcome


When deciding on a new business brand, there are a range of important considerations.   The right to use that new brand from a trade mark perspective is one element, and

How to avoid a rebranding disaster


Rebranding disaster or successful rebranding exercise? A rebrand is often an exciting time for a business, writes Nils Versemann. But before adopting a new brand, whether for a business or a new

How liable are you as a director?


Where does the buck stop for directors? Are you on top of director liability? Earlier this year Australia was shocked with the news of George Calombaris underpaying his hard-working restaurant

What franchise buyers want


What are franchise buyers looking for in a franchise purchase today? Franchise buyers have never been more educated and cautious in the franchise buying process and this is the best

When staff walk out with your trade secrets


Thanks for the memories, oh and your confidential information! What can you do when an employee walks out the door with your valuable knowledge? It seems a common occurrence these days.

What if your ideal franchisee doesn’t exist?


When I attend expos and events I am told again and again, ‘This franchising thing is a con, my ideal franchisee just doesn’t exist’.  When I question, I am inevitably

Top tips on good franchising: Corina Vucic


Corina Vucic says she has a reputation for telling it as it is. It’s served her well, first as a franchisor at Clark Rubber and for the last 11 years

Do your franchisees have the right numbers?


Having run a franchise business for many years, I understand the importance of performance metrics as an invaluable tool not just for the successful running and growth of the franchisee’s

3 ways to avoid franchise disputes


When you own or run a franchise system, your focus is on the growth and success of the brand. So the threat of disputes within the system – and the