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How to survive in business: V.I.P. celebrates 40 years


V.I.P. Home Services notches up its fourth decade in business this year. Bill Vis, the founder and director of the company, says at times he finds it very hard to believe

Why franchise resales can be so problematic


  Franchise resales can be problematic in most franchise networks for two reasons: Franchisees are not experienced in selling their businesses, and have no idea what’s involved (or how long

4 marketing solutions that help franchisees


The support franchise partners receive from the franchisor is essential to the ongoing growth and success of a franchise network. Clear systems, processes and procedures in place form the framework they require

What CFOs can do to mitigate risk


Growth is one of the key drivers for most organisations. In today’s rapidly changing environment, businesses need to overcome numerous challenges. Challenges such as digital disruption, new data privacy legislation, the

8 steps to a successful succession plan


It can take years to build a successful franchise and without a succession plan it could all fall apart. A succession plan covers not only a founding director’s retirement or

How a Snap-on franchisee built a mobile empire


When Mechanic Dan Pullen realised he wanted to down tools and employ his skills in customer relations he knew the solution would be a Snap-on franchise. “I had the industry knowledge and

How this Red Rooster franchisee has made his successful business a family affair


Three generations of the Humphreys family are embracing the best of a fast food franchise. Red Rooster franchisee Tim takes up the story… “Mum works full time, Dad works at

Quest franchisee swaps legal life for franchise success


Fahim Malik turned his back on a legal career to build a future as a franchisee.

TV series to showcase franchise success


Franchising will be in the spotlight in a brand new TV series showcasing success.

How Valenta BPO is preparing franchise owners for success


For many small business owners, the reality of operation can be a daunting task. While passion, effort and pride are important elements in the development of a strong business model, outside factors and rising overheads can dampen the spirits of even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur.