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FCA, ACCC and Franchise Redress respond to franchise report


The franchise inquiry report is a complex document with wide-ranging proposals for the sector and for government. So how are the Franchise Council of Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission,

Cheat’s guide to franchise inquiry report: what you need to know


What do you need to know about the franchise inquiry report? Check out our easy guide to the essential information – what’s in the report, expert opinion and what you

What potential franchisees need to know about the franchise inquiry report


Franchise standards have to rise and franchising should provide better protections and rights for franchisees. That’s the conclusion of the franchise inquiry report from the Senate committee looking into the franchise

Retail Food Group slammed in franchising report


Retail Food Group has been slammed in a report following the Senate inquiry into franchising. A far reaching review of the business is included as a case study in the