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Franchise winners celebrated


Franchise success was celebrated last week as top performers in Victoria and Tasmania vied for regional awards.

What’s next for the FCA? PODCAST


Newly minted FCA CEO Mary Aldred shares her perspective on the state of the franchising sector, the parliamentary inquiry and engaging franchising stakeholders.

FCA states its case in senate inquiry


What shoiuld be the focus of the Government’s franchising inquiry? According to the sector’s peak body the spotlight should be on enforcing compliance with existing regulation, rather than adding new regulation.

Winning franchisees star in regional awards


Franchising success has been in the spotlight as the Franchise Council of Australia recognised top performers at the FCA 2018 WA Excellence in Franchising Awards.

Are you award-ready?


Could this by your winning year? Celebrating amazing success gives everyone in a franchise chain a boost, so now’s the time to put your brand in the spotlight.

How does the Franchise Council of Australia function?


Attention has been drawn to the structure of the Franchise Council of Australia after former Brumby’s chief Michael Sherlock suggested changes to the organisation’s structure.

FCA reveals six steps to boost sector


The Franchise Council of Australia is taking action in light of the current mainstream media criticism of the sector.

Potential Senate inquiry for franchising


Could the franchising sector be facing a Senate inquiry?

Regional franchise awards coming up in VIC/TAS


Could your business be a franchise winner? Victoria and Tasmanian franchisors and franchisees take note – the Franchise Council of Australia’s Excellence in Franchising regional awards are coming up.

Franchise model successful and secure


Franchising has once again been in the media spotlight in the past few weeks, and not for the many positive things happening in the sector. If you were to believe much of what has been published in the press, you’d be led to believe the viability of the entire franchise model of enterprise is in question.