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How do franchisee-owned franchisors work?


Franchisee-owned franchisors are very rare, and account for probably less than five percent of the total number of franchise brands operating in Australia.  Fewer than 55 out of approximately 1,100 franchise

Franchise finance; how early is too early to talk price?


The parliamentary inquiry has come and gone, and with economic conditions continuing to tighten, franchise finance is proving to be a thorn in the sector’s side. For franchisors looking to

Is franchising in a recession?


The election of a coalition government promised an economic boon that would re-instil confidence in the small business sector. Now, just a few weeks on, the Federal government looks poised

Franchise change and how to deal with it


How can franchisors best deal with the constant change that is a mark of today’s business environment? Change can be a response to external factors or driven by internal demands. Either

10 tips on shaping a franchise model for profitability


Structuring the business model for franchisee profitability is essential for the long-term success and viability of the network.

Crunch the numbers to get the profit


Franchise Council of Australia board member Jason Gehrke runs the Franchise Advisory Centre and has experienced franchising as a franchisee and franchisor. He believes some potential franchisees donÕt adequately run

Underwriting the franchisee’s business


Usually with an income guarantee, a franchisee is assured of a minimum turnover for a limited period after acquiring the business, writes Jason Gehrke of the Franchise Advisory Centre. This

What do you want from your franchise?


Don't just hope for the best – managing expectations to achieve the desired outcome is essential. Research by the Franchise Advisory Centre, writes Jason Gehrke, indicates there are several key

6 ways to make a daily meeting worthwhile


How can you improve your performance in one simple step? Team meetings can be a hassle or they can help your business processes. Bruce Myers, formerly CEO at Lenard’s, advocates daily meetings. Yes, getting together every day will improve your efficiencies, he insists.