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Before you buy a franchise, talk to the experts


The ACCC is only one source of information for people thinking of buying a franchise. There are two other important sources that we recommend you consider. Invest in advice Make

4 benefits of being your own boss


If you crave the kind of control that only being your own boss can provide, you may have considered franchising as means to get there. It’s a system that has

Why franchise resales can be so problematic


  Franchise resales can be problematic in most franchise networks for two reasons: Franchisees are not experienced in selling their businesses, and have no idea what’s involved (or how long

Advertising professional swaps promos for potatoes with Spudbar


Gene Thomas is still in his 30s but stepped off the corporate ladder when he was 27. He ditched the advertising career and started to work for himself after seeing

4 steps to pick a top franchise opportunity


Want to pick a top franchise? It all starts with the figures, make sure you collect all the information you can. Franchisors are running a business and it is in

Your franchise financial ABCs


Just started a franchise business? Chances are you’re too concerned with getting traffic through the door to worry about financial figures, but beware, that’s a dangerous pattern to fall into.

Is your franchise value for money? Here’s 5 ways to check


Working out whether a prospective franchise will be a worthwhile investment is an important step before deciding to take the plunge. Is your franchise value for money? I’ll answer that

5 tips to ensure franchisees pay staff properly


Franchisors must be certain that their franchisees are paying their staff properly, referring to the correct award and have interpreted the payroll legislation properly. When big brands lose sight of what their

5 steps to success as a first-time franchisee


If you are eager to buy into a franchise business as a first-time franchisee, now is the time to prepare for major legislation changes potentially set to shake up the

4 steps to hiring your first employee


Just kicking off your franchise operation? The best practise for success is staffing, but hiring your first employee is not always easy. As a business owner, it is imperative that