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Motto Motto ready to expand with first franchisees on board


Brand new franchisees have signed a deal with Japanese Quick Service Restaurant brand Motto Motto and taken up the first franchise in the chain. Frank Jiang, Linda Zhang, Jason Yan and Brandon

Burrito Bar’s expansion builds on a strong record of success


When a franchise thrives in tough times you know you can feel confident about the future. Burrito Bar Franchise Partners have seen their profits grow all through the pandemic –

Baskin-Robbins 2021: ice-cream chain sets five-store goal


Ice-cream chain Baskin-Robbins has had a strong few months despite the pandemic, and expects to open a minimum of five stores next year. Two outlets were opened this year, and

The Yiros Shop’s first franchisee welcomed into the fast food business


A big milestone for one fast-food chain as The Yiros Shop’s first franchisee signs a deal for a new store. Atul Sakhiya will open the very first franchised outlet at

It’s good to be the ‘Donut King’


During Covid-19 lockdowns, donuts have become more popular than ever. In fact, the staggering rise in global donut eating this year has been large enough to give Homer Simpson’s 20

Bubba makes things better for everyone – including franchisees


Are you looking for a franchise with faith in the future? Bubba Pizza made its confidence clear by opening a flagship Victorian store in the middle of a Stage 4

Vegan restaurant chain Soul Burger is now franchising


Plant-based restaurant Soul Burger is the latest hospitality business to move into franchising. The decision to franchise comes after running the three Sydney Soul Burger outlets through a corporate structure. Locations

San Churro unveils throwback treats at retro prices


Feeling the need for a little comfort under lockdown? Well, Chocolateria San Churro understands its customers’ taste for nostalgia all too well and has launched a Throwback Edition menu. The 53-strong cafe chain, given

Motto Motto launches Japanese meal kit brand


Brisbane’s Motto Motto has launched Australia’s first Japanese meal kit and ready-made meal brand. Just late last year the brand announced plans to franchise the brand with an ambitious national

Spice up your future with Bakers Delight


The joy of Easter is all about memorable moments.  Whether you will be enjoying the company of loved ones or savouring some quiet time,  nothing sums up Easter better than