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4 easy ways to be a brilliant support team and still enjoy Christmas


How can area managers get to enjoy the festive mood and still be superstars in a support role so valuable to franchisees? Alecia Elbelli, Victorian area manager for Bakers Delight, has some

3 free franchise tools for new business owners


If you’re considering buying a franchise, you already know the value is in the business structure. But did you know that within that structure, there are a number of free

7 ways to fire a spark in longterm franchisees


How do you invigorate mature franchisees? Frontline field managers may find long-standing franchisees a little resistant to their efforts to freshen up a stale business. Reasons why franchisees are sceptical The average

6 ways to capitalise on your field management


How can you secure a good ROI on field management costs?

Happy, sad or in-between: how emotions are just as important as figures


Your ability to detect emotions will help you earn more money in the workplace, while for field managers this will help to strengthen relationships with franchisees, too.       

What a field manager actually does – and how to find a good one


When you buy a franchise, one of the benefits will be access to a field manager. But what exactly is a field manager paid to do?