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Mad Mex innovation, expansion and franchisee support


Mad Mex has been franchising for 12 years. Here Founder Clovis Young talks about innovation, expansion and franchisee support Q: What innovations are helping franchisees’ businesses? A: We’ve completed a major aesthetic design refresh

Vegan pizza chain Red Sparrow Pizza to franchise


Vegan pizza chain Red Sparrow Pizza has announced plans to open new locations, with a focus on expanding further in Melbourne, and into Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay. The locally

Goobne Chicken, the hot new Korean chain, plans six stores in 12 months


Goobne Chicken is a fledgling brand in Australia and is now ready to stretch its wings and expand around the country. It’s another Korean chicken brand but with a difference –

McDonald’s hits 50th anniversary in Australia


Can you believe it? The golden arches turns 50 in Australia. Yes, McDonald’s hits its 50th anniversary Downunder, and is launching three months of celebrations to mark the occasion. The celebrations will include

What’s special about Buza Korean Fried Chicken?


What do you know about Buza Korean Fried Chicken? Co-founders and owners James Lee and Julia Kim give us the lowdown on the fast food franchise. Tell us about Buza Korean

What’s the key to Burrito Bar’s pandemic success?


The Mexican-inspired Burrito Bar is counting its blessings. Right now the chain of 31 stores is reaping the rewards of some smart thinking, and quite a bit of luck. “We’ve been

McDonald’s burger scented candles launched in US


It’s official, the burger business is coming up roses. Iconic fast food franchise McDonald’s has unveiled a new line of merchandise items in the US, including a range of McDonald’s

30 high-tech new KFC stores on the way


The Colonel is on the move. Iconic fast food franchise KFC is set to launch 30 new high tech restaurants across Australia. The new KFC stores will lead the next

Chef-backed salad franchise hits the market


A fresh salad franchise backed by internationally renowned chef Josef Huber is set to take the fast food sector by storm. Over the last four years, Greenhouse Asian Salads has

Domino’s monster $1.58bn sales result revealed


Fast food icon Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has boosted its global food sales by a massive $151.3m to $1.58bn. The impressive Domino’s results were unveiled at the company’s half year 2020