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Victoria reports record number of retail leasing disputes in 2018/19


Retail leasing has once again emerged as the biggest issue facing small business, according to the latest results from the Victorian Small Business Commission’s (VSBC) Annual Report. According to the

Official mediation advisors on hand…did you know?


Trained mediators can bring about a swift resolution in a franchise dispute. There’s even an office of Franchising Mediation Advisor to help things along. The mediation landscape has changed over

How franchisors can avoid misrepresentation


Many disputes and court proceedings in franchising involve allegations of misrepresentation or misleading or deceptive conduct on the part of a franchisor during the recruitment phase.

10 ways to keep disputes at bay


How can franchisors can handle complaints before they become disputes?

Is franchising a hot bed of disputes between franchisees and franchisors?


Are disputes common in franchising? It’s a pertinent question for anyone looking to invest in a franchise business.

8 ways franchisors can avoid franchise disputes


Franchisees are the customer-facing representatives of your brand. Their success is your success. Having unhappy franchisees can cause your brand and franchise network to suffer. It is important to deal with any issues quickly and appropriately.