Clark Rubber Franchising Pty Ltd

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Clark Rubber puts franchisees in the box seat


Starting a new business can be a challenge. From site selection to customer acquisition, the process is a series of challenges designed to test new entrepreneurs. So, wouldn’t it be

Clark Rubber launches low-cost mobile franchise


As far as heritage Aussie franchises go, it’s hard to go past Clark Rubber. The iconic pool and spa business has built a solid reputation on retail, but a new low-cost mobile

10 things you must know about Clark Rubber


Iconic Aussie retailer Clark Rubber has a strong heritage stretching back to 1946. Today the chain has 60 stores. Learn more about Clark Rubber with this Q&A… 10 things you must know

Clark Rubber appoints CEO


A new CEO has been appointed at Clark Rubber Franchising.

How one franchisee family has found the good life with Clark Rubber


Danny Sinkovic and his parents were newbies in the business world. He had notched up a couple of years in real estate, but embracing the challenges of business ownership was a totally new experience.

Preparing for the Summer Pool Boom


Water in our blood Whether it’s soaking up the sun at the beach, riding the wake of a boat on a lake, or frolicking in a glistening backyard pool, the

Taking a Smart Plunge


With change comes great opportunity We’ve all heard of the infamous ‘mid-life crisis’ that entices obscene spending on unnecessary items like motorbikes and cars, attempts to ‘find oneself’ on around-the-world

A Change of Scenery with a Side of Success


The only thing that is certain in life is change It’s not uncommon for people to rethink their career choices at some point in their lives. It may be due

Clark Rubber targeting NSW for franchisee growth


Retail franchise business Clark Rubber has targeted Sydney and New South Wales for its expansion plans and is showcasing its offer at the Sydney Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo 1

Clark Rubber’s anti-recession strategy


Clark Rubber has been preparing for the tough economic times since the summer of 2007/08. Managing director Chris Malcolm spent this time in the UK and France and returned to