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7 franchise myths exposed


Franchising is often a misunderstood area for the uninitiated. Potential new franchisees are often naïve about what to expect from a franchise and the rules governing franchising as a whole.

Poll: 40% are ready to buy a franchise


Are you committed to franchising and ready to buy a franchise? If so, you are in good company. In a recent poll on which asked ‘Are you ready to

How to spot a winning franchise


How do you find a winning franchise? Which franchise is right for you is very much a personal issue. But there are some simple techniques and tips that can help

Newsagencies resilient in face of retail challenges


One in three Australians visit a newsagency weekly. That’s according to new consumer insights research from the Retail Doctor Group which reveals 79 per cent of Australians continue to shop at

World Options’ latest opportunities for franchisees


Tired of sitting at a desk all day and not having any flexibility? Are you looking for a new challenge? Why not become a World Options franchisee and have the

10 things you must know about Clark Rubber


Iconic Aussie retailer Clark Rubber has a strong heritage stretching back to 1946. Today the chain has 60 stores. Learn more about Clark Rubber with this Q&A… 10 things you must know

NightOwl announces franchise opportunities


Is the 9-5 office life bringing you down or are you just feeling like you need a sea-change? Being your own boss isn’t as hard as it may seem and

How lifelong friends became Crust franchisees


Ever thought of starting a business with a friend? For lifelong friends and Rozelle residents, Rocky and Sam, their business journeys couldn’t have been more different. Crust franchisees The pair

Full facility gym Advance Fitness launches franchise


Specialist, niche fitness studios have been all the rage. Now with the Advance Fitness launch, there’s a new focus on a full facility fitness space. Advance Fitness co-founder Clayton Sinclair is excited

How a franchisee makes money


Looking to find your fortune in franchising? First you have to know how a franchisee makes money. There are two ways a franchisee can get a return on their investment: