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5 business services franchises under $100k


Want to grab a brilliant opportunity at a budget price? Believe it or not, there are a wealth of franchises under $100k, and many of them are in the booming

6 kids franchises under $60k


Becoming a business owner gives you the chance to invest in your future, so why not invest in the future of others at the same time? Kids franchises, whether they

How to set a franchise recruitment budget


Budgeting what to spend on franchise recruitment (and where to spend it) is a vexing issue for franchisors.

Budget delivers boost to retail spending


Has the budget delivered for small business?

11 budget buys you can afford now


Can you buy a business for as little as $15,000? Yes, you can. Low-cost investments are generally home-based, mobile or part-time services that allow for some flexibility around working arrangements and a step up into running your own business.