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ATO franchise tax update targets courier and cleaning businesses


Franchisees providing cleaning and courier services may be hit with financial penalties should they not conform to a new franchise tax update. The Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) recently introduced Taxable

5 cash-saving franchisee tax tips for 2019


The dreaded tax time is almost upon us, and for franchisees, this can spell stress and trouble. But fear not, there are some franchisee tax tips for 2019 that will help

R&D tax deadline imminent


Franchisors must be ready for the R&D tax incentive April deadline. Now is the time for businesses to reassess their R&D tax incentive position and talk to their advisers says Mariana

ATO benchmarking data set to boost small business


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has this week released updated benchmarking data to assist small businesses chart their industry results. Drawn from over 1.5 million small businesses around the country,

Employers eligible to adopt SuperStream from July [infographic]


Employers are being encouraged to prepare for SuperStream, a government reform designed to improve the efficiency of the nation’s superannuation scheme.  SuperStream will introduce a new standard that requires all

Tax Office launches SME online forum


Small or medium enterprises such as franchises now have a new way to talk with the Tax Office. The SME Online Tax Forum is an interactive online community for SME

Free tax computer program


A new computer program available free from the Tax Office can help small businesses check whether their business practices are helping them meet their tax obligations. Is your business tax-ready?

Tax office download will help franchisees


Franchisees wanting help to meet tax and superannuation guarantee obligations can now access a free electronic calendar on the Tax Office website. Tax Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo said "Your small business