Appliance Tagging Services Pty Ltd

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Budget-friendly business services franchises


Buying a franchise can be a budget-friendly process even in the business services marketplace. The franchises here are listed for their upfront investment – expect to add GST to the figures

Appliance Tagging Services’ safety first approach is a winning strategy


For franchisees in the Appliance Tagging Services network, a safety first approach is a winning strategy. The franchise tests and tags electrical equipment across Australia, as well as testing and reporting

Appliance Tagging Services: a safety franchise option, no experience required!


We’re all more safety conscious these days and rightly so. However, for some hard-working brands the focus on health and safety has always been there. In fact, they’ve built brilliant

Safety first could be a brilliant franchise opportunity


Everyone is health and safety conscious right now, thanks to the pandemic. So why not hitch your star to a business that deals day-in-and-day-out with occupational health and safety? OH&S

COVID-19 impacts on business; KFC store shut; franchisors adapt


As Victoria declares a state of emergency for four weeks, and the ACT announces a public health emergency, how are franchisors adapting to COVID-19 impacts on business? Just a few

5 business services franchises under $100k


Want to grab a brilliant opportunity at a budget price? Believe it or not, there are a wealth of franchises under $100k, and many of them are in the booming

Q&A: Appliance Tagging Services and SafetyQuip


For an insight into safety and the workplace, Inside Franchise Business talks with Appliance Tagging Services GM Sarah Allen and SafetyQuip CEO Gary Shearer.

What you need to get right to make franchising work


Was it folly or foresight that brought Sarah Allen into the world of franchising? The joint franchisor and general manager of electrical safety services business ATS tells us how the franchise model has been central to its success.

Buying a B2B franchise: Appliance Tagging Services (ATS)


Providing electrical safety assessments, and testing and reporting management systems, ATS looks for motivated and passionate people with a strong work ethic.

Supporting workplace safety: Appliance Tagging Services


Working in the safety field is paying off for Appliance Tagging Services, an exhibitor at the March Sydney Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo. Here ATS showcases its franchise model in