Strong demand for in-home care drives Just Better Care expansion

By Sponsored | 04 Dec 2020 View comments

Just Better Care, Australia’s leading disability and aged care services provider, continues to experience strong demand for in-home care services across Australia.  

“There is no doubt, all of the issues involving Covid across the aged care sector have caused a lot of stress and concern for people,” said Alison Chandler, chief operating officer.

“People want options and they are exploring the possibility of loved ones who do need support services staying in their own home. They feel this may be the better approach given the much publicised risks and restrictions due to the impact of  Covid in the residential care sector.   

“If older family members are not staying in or being placed into residential care, this means they need to receive the care they require at home. This is contributing to demand all over the country including Perth, WA where we have just launched our services.”

Research results recently announced by Fifth Dimension Consulting reveal that more than 50 per cent of Australians with a friend or relative in residential aged care are considering taking that person out of care.  A further 60 per cent of people who were planning to move someone into residential aged care in the next five years will either delay that move or try to avoid residential aged care all together. 

New Just Better Care Perth franchise business owners, Parthiv Patel and Satish Tarale, have opened an office in Perth and are looking forward to expanding their newly launched services.

“We have all been living in Perth for some time, and have been successfully operating several businesses together in the local area which has enabled us to build wonderful relationships within the community,” Satish says. 

“We have many friends and family across Perth and understand the needs of our aging family members. 

“We believe in the importance of supporting family and friends to live fulfilling lives in their own homes for as long as safely possible.  When this becomes difficult, family members then move in with younger relatives and the caring continues under one roof.”

Just Better Care’s mission is to provide high quality personalized services to those requiring assistance to live independently and thrive personally.

Just Better Care was founded in 2005 in Sydney and is one of the largest franchised providers of in-home home care services in Australia.  The business currently has 40 independently owned and operated franchise territories around the country many franchisees owning multiple units.

The company is on the lookout for potential new owners to join the franchise system in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

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