Stepz Fitness refreshes gym design to boost wellbeing

By Sarah Stowe | 24 Sep 2020 View comments

It’s generally accepted that fitness boosts mental wellbeing and productivity. Now Stepz Fitness has taken the alignment one step further, introducing a holistic interior design across its wellness centres to stimulate psychological and physiological responses in gym users.

The goal is enhance the ability of Stepz patrons to exercise in a more peaceful, productive and positive state of mind.

Stepz Fitness franchisor Sam Waller says “That approach to holistic interiors allowed us to create a new design using more natural materials and calming interiors, which is not common in the health and fitness industry.”

The design includes using indoor plants, wooden materials and locating communal tables near the entry for a welcoming vibe. Plants also serve to improve the gym’s air quality.

“We have created a new space that allows people to feel better when they’re walking in and focuses their minds on their workout and themselves, as opposed to worrying about what other people are thinking,” said Waller.

Maximising the amount of natural light that filters into each room was an important element for the design team.

Sydney based clinical psychologist, Georgia MacNevin points to studies showing the benefits of natural environments.

“Natural materials in any workout environment can have a calming effect… [and] are great for increasing positivity and productivity,” she says.

“These days, psychologists are prescribing outdoor activities like gardening and hiking to address a range of mental health issues.

“Being in open green spaces helps clear the mind and makes people feel happier or less stressed… [and] including that in a gym environment can be beneficial to their moods and general wellbeing.”

All New South Wales Stepz Fitness gyms are sporting the new look and it will be rolled out across Queensland outlets over the next 12 months.