Spotlight on Tobacco Station Group

Tobacco Station Group was trading as a tobacconist and specialist gift retailer for two years before opening up franchising opportunities and this gave the brand the confidence and know-how to ensure a sustainable business model.

Franchising began back in 1996, and now more than 20 years later, there is a massive network of more than 470 outlets around the country – and it’s still growing.

Today there is a comprehensive retailer training program, as well as continued support to help franchisees develop their businesses with a dedicated a team of seven state managers. Franchisees receive regular visits from the field support team to help them navigate the competitive retail landscape.

TSG offers a highly-recognisable retail brand – the striking red and black colourway and logo are a distinctive signpost.

So what do you need to take on a TSG franchise?

Of course you will need enthusiasm and commitment to deliver first class customer service, and you’ll be ambitious for the growth of your own business in this established network of like-minded franchisees.

What about finance? The capital investment is about $150,000. Franchisees sign up for a five year term, with one option to renew for a further five years.

In return TSG will provide brand and marketing strategy and tools, including a website, in-house loyalty program, and a members’ website.

TSG has made a huge investment in business systems too, and continues to innovate in its store formats to stay competitive and relevant in the retail world.

As a franchisee you’ll benefit from competitive trading arrangements with supplier partners, and to get you established in the right location at the right price, there’s lease negotiation too.

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