How Soul Origin is Brewing Success with specialty Coffee

By Sponsored | 17 Apr 2019 View comments

Soul Origin has found a niche in the market for accessible high quality coffee.

It’s no secret that the Australian coffee culture is fast growing and has become an essential way of life for most Aussies. At Soul Origin, it’s not just about the quality and taste of every cup of coffee, customer experience is also a huge factor in addition to a focus on high end coffee equipment for the perfect brew.

Great tasting coffee is essential to a customer’s satisfaction and overall profitability of the business.

Coffee sales have continued to grow year on year over the last few years and the brand has developed a reputation for being a leader in the quick service restaurant market.

As a result, the business has made substantial investments in high end coffee equipment as well as ongoing training and development which has led to an increase of more than 10 per cent in coffee sales over recent years and shows no sign of slowing down.

Each barista is educated on the art of producing fine coffee with the help of one of three dedicated Coffee Coaches who provide ongoing training workshops to fine tune their skills and boost customer experience.

All Soul Origin franchise partners start their coffee training during their 5-week training program, which they take part in prior to the store opening. On-going training and development of both franchise partners and the team is imperative.

Soul Origin expert Coffee Coaches are constantly visiting stores to upskill and provide training to ensure that each store is delivering the perfect blend. Ongoing online training is also a key tool that is embraced across the network to ensure that baristas are continually upskilled.

Another big factor to growing coffee sales is the variety of product. Not only does Soul Origin offer a house blend comprising a balance of complimentary flavours, they also produce “Single Origin” which is suited to the black coffee drinker.

In 2018, Soul Origin held their third annual National Barista and Latte Art Competition in Sydney to crown their best barista. The prize being an all-expenses paid trip for two to visit the New York Coffee festival in October. Preparations for the 2019 Barista and Latte Art Competition are already underway and spectators are expecting even more talent and creativity compared with previous years.

It’s no wonder Soul Origin have shifted their focus to high end equipment and ongoing barista development to keep up with Australia’s growing demand for top quality coffee.

Given the brand’s commitment to its baristas and specialty grade coffee, it’s really no surprise that customers keep returning to Soul Origin when on the hunt for that perfect caffeine hit.

Of course Soul Origin is known for fresh, tasty grab and go salads and sandwiches too, and the exceptional customer experience they deliver.

Have you thought about owning your own Soul Origin store? As a Soul Origin franchisee, you will benefit from the high earning potential, well loved brand and flexibility.

If you are as passionate about coffee as Soul Origin and want to be part of Australia’s unique coffee culture, now is the time to take the next step.