Soul Burger’s first franchisee signed up

By Sarah Stowe | 30 Mar 2021 View comments

Plant-based burger joint Soul Burger’s first franchisee has signed up to run a Parramatta location.

Soul Burger’s founder, Dr Amit Tewari, said “We’re so excited to have our first franchise partner trained, on-boarded and ready to represent the brand in western Sydney. Hassan’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious!

“We serve the world’s most amazing plant-based burgers and have created a seriously lean, efficient, profitable model for our franchisees to make great returns on their investment.”

The proposed Parramatta location will be the anchor for Western Sydney as the Soul Burger Group looks to grow its vegan chain across the city.

Soul Burger is moving towards a fully franchised model, so the two existing company-owned restaurants, in Randwick and Glebe, are on the market.

Buyers who snap up either of these sites will enjoy the first 12 months free of franchise fees and over the following six months will pay half-price royalty and marketing levies.

Dr Tewari said “We have two interdependent missions within Soul Burger. The first is to pioneer and popularise brilliant plant-based comfort food throughout Australia. The second is to serve the dreams of our franchisees.

“We don’t want large overheads, and people in suits sitting in offices. Everyone and everything is on the ground floor in our restaurants – our focus is customer satisfaction, amazing food, and the success of our franchise partners.”

The business has set up mini head office hubs in each restaurant. Supplier rebates are collated into a non-profit marketing fund for the benefit of all franchisees.

Soul Burger created its own loyalty app, which now has more than 18,000 active users, and this has helped to increase delivery across its stores.

By choosing a white-label delivery channel Soul Burger is able to retain customers’ data and avoid hefty third party commission fees.