Snap sees future in e-publishing and marketing services

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Australian print franchise Snap has unveiled plans to increase revenue by 16 percent over the next three years, broadening its offer with a marketing service and launching an online printing tool in an exclusive partnership with publishing powerhouse Quark.

Snap Level 2 aims to provide a second revenue stream for franchisees, and offer small business customers a one-stop-shop marketing and design service that extends to web and email channels.

Snap Promote is an online service providing customers with the opportunity to customise a range of professionally designed templates for marketing material, using a downloadable software on the Snap website.

This online service will be the first private-label version of worldwide.

Grant Vernon, Snap CEO, said the two initiatives indicated a clear direction for the franchise network.

“It would be short-sighted to rely solely on print if Snap is to remain a strong business,” he said. “This is a fundamental value proposition for the whole network.”

The marketing program enables franchisees to conduct what Vernon calls a “marketing health check” using a formatted process, to create a customised result that suits the client’s budget.

“This is an evolution of our business, it is not a sideline,” he told Franchising. “We will transition the entire business. What will happen is that print will become more targeted, more personalised, to fit into a marketing context. There is undeniably a sign of revenue shifting to the web and multimedia becoming a significant revenue stream,” said Vernon.

“We believe it is an exciting transition for franchisees and will attract the younger generation who want a consulting style of service.”

To ensure the investment is not a barrier to younger franchisees, Snap is introducing a lower cost model which will differ from standard franchises solely in its production capabilities – printing will be outsourced while franchisees focus on consultancy and advice.

“For $100,000 franchisees can get started in Snap,” said Vernon.

A successful pilot project of Snap Level 2 has run in 61 of the 147 Australian stores and rollout across the network is expected by 2013.